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Evergreen Associates has a proven thirty year track record of representing clients before the federal government in Washington, D.C. Robert M. Brooks, former Administrative Assistant and Chief of Staff to Congressman Norm Dicks (D-WA), established the company in 1982. Since our founding, Evergreen Associates has helped numerous clients maximize their relationship with the federal government in a variety of different ways.



At Evergreen Associates, we view our mission not as supplanting our clients’ relationships with their federal officeholders, but as supplementing these relationships while providing a day-to-day presence in the nation’s capital.

Our office is located in the heart of Capitol Hill, two blocks away from the US Capitol and Congressional Buildings. Everyday in these buildings, the lawmakers implement decisions that impact you. With Evergreen Associates, these lawmakers will better understand your needs when making these important decisions.



Our results orientation and sense of accomplishment at Evergreen Associates are well known. We have successfully represented clients in areas such as education funding, environment, health care, biotechnology, transportation, trade, Native American issues, and many other policy issues. These include strengthened environmental standards, government contracting initiatives, and additional federal funding for education, school construction, trauma care, and biotech research. We are particularly successful when helping our clients access federal resources to assist their efforts. Our only standard is the results we achieve for our clients. We realize this is a high bar, but we work – and work hard – to clear it every single day.



Evergreen Associates, Ltd., 415 Second Street, NE Suite 100 Washington, DC 20002 (p) 202.543.3383 (f) 202.544.7716


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